Paprika étterem üdvözlet

Menu /We accept orders until 10:20 pm./

1. Grilled goats cheese, served with rice and pepper sauce 1620 HUF
2. Cold goose liver in it’s own fat with onion 2680 HUF
3. Creamy Prawn  pasta with garlic 1900 HUF
4. Chicken breast salad Kőrös style 1850 HUF
5. Beef tatar foretaste 2650 HUF
6. Summer Tomato soup with basil and mozzarella balls 850 HUF
7. Peach Cream Soup with Ice Cream and Almond flakes 980 HUF
8. „Újházi” style Hen Soup 890 HUF
9. Fish soup in a cauldron, with white bread 1380 HUF
10. Goulash soup with house-made noodles 1250 HUF
Main courses
Poultry dishes
11. Chicken breast fillet in Beer butter with fresh garden salad and balsamic vinegar dressing 2450 HUF
12. Turkey with parmesan served on a bed of pasta with tomato 2450 HUF
13. Grilled chicken breast topped with goose liver, mushroom and cheese, served with fried potato slices 2750 HUF
14. Grilled chicken breast with three-cheese sauce, served with home-made croquettes 2350 HUF
15. Grilled chicken breast Bugac style (wrapped in cheese and bacon), served with steamed vegetables and french fries 2780 HUF
16. Grilled chicken breast with cinnamon and plum sauce 2150 HUF
17. Leg of goose Vadasdi style with steamed red cabbage and home made potato croquettes, served with pan-fried goose liver 3650 HUF
18. Grilled goose liver with steamed apple and rice 4650 HUF
19. Goose liver Hungarian style, served with „lecsó” (bacon, onion, tomato, paprika) mixed with dollarchips 4730 HUF
Pork dishes
20. Pork slices Brassó style (spiced pork slices) mixed with diced fried potatoes 2270 HUF
21. Roast pork „Gypsy”-style (grilled with garlic and bacon), served with spicy fried potato slices 2530 HUF
22. Wiener Schnitzel with french fries 2420 HUF
23. Pork steaks wrapped and grilled in bacon, served with dollar chips and topped with tomato sauce and blue cheese 2630 HUF
24. Pork medallions Hungarian style, served with „lecsó” (bacon, onion, tomato, paprika) mixed with dollar chips 2670 HUF
25. Mixed grill plate Transylvania style (beef, pork, bacon), served with steak potatoes 3180 HUF
Beef dishes
26. Grilled rumpsteak „Lyon” style, served with French fries 3530 HUF
27. Beef goulash, served with small dumplings 3580 HUF
28. Medallions of beef Hungarian style, served with „lecsó” (bacon, onion, tomato, paprika) mixed with dollar chips 3550 HUF
29. Beefsteak with four pepper sauce, served with steamed vegetables and steak potatoes 4550 HUF
30. Sirloin beefsteak Budapest style (goose liver, peas ragu and „lecsó” /bacon, onion, tomato, paprika /) served with mixed garnishes 4800 HUF
31. Beef Steak wiht creamed Mushroom served with home-made croquettes and rice 4580 HUF
Game dishes
32. Venison and vegetables ragout, served with rice, sour creme, potato croquettes and cranberries sauce 2980 HUF
33. Spine of Wild boar „Hunter“ style (goose liver, mushroom with brown sauce) served with rice and potato fritters 4220 HUF
34. Steamed Leg of Deer in Red wine, Juniper and Thyme served with croquettes and rice 3850 HUF
Fish dishes
35. Breaded carp with potatoes with parsley 2350 HUF
36. Breaded Fillet of Trout with almonds served with parsley topped potatoes 2750 HUF
37. Pike-Perch fillet in Beer butter served with garden salad 3460 HUF
38. Breaded Pike-Perch served with parsley potatoes and tartar sauce 3380 HUF
39. Grilled Fillet of Trout with creamy prawn ragout served with rice and home made croquette 3500 HUF
Vegetarian dishes
40. Breaded Mushroom stuffed with Cottage Cheese served with rice and tartare sauce 1880 HUF
41. Vegetarian Lasagne 1820 HUF
42. Breaded cheese with rice and french fries with tartar sauce 2380 HUF
43. Creamy Mushroom Pasta 1820 HUF
44. Breaded Camembert and cranberry sauce served with rice 1620 HUF
Dishes for Two
45. Paprika plate (house speciality)
(Beef and Pork medallions, leg of goose, breaded turkey stuffed with sausage and cheese,
served with rice, fried potato slices and steamed red cabbage)
6080 HUF
46. Pork shank „Pékné” style (oven cooked), served with onion-potatoes and red cabbages 4590 HUF
Chef’s offers
47. Breaded turkey breast stuffed with ewe’s cheese, served with fried potatoes and rice 2390 HUF
48. Grilled duck breast (rosé) with orange sauce, served with rice and home-made croquettes 3300 HUF
49. Veal paprikash (sour cream and paprika), served with bacon and egg dumplings 2790 HUF
50. Breaded turkey stuffed (goose liver, mushroom and herbs) served with parsley potatoes 2630 HUF
51. Rosemary flavoured knuckle of lamb served with fried potatoe slices and four pepper sauce 3350 HUF
52. Fresh green garden salad with dressings
980 HUF
53. Tomatosalad 570 HUF
54. Cucumbersalad 570 HUF
55. Cucumbersalad with sour cream 620 HUF
56. Gerkins 520 HUF
57. Mixed pickles 420 HUF
58. Cabbage stuffed peppers 560 HUF
59. Sponge cake „Somló” style 850 HUF
60. Ice cream cup 770 HUF
61. Cottage cheese dumplings 880 HUF
62. Tiramisu 920 HUF