Paprika étterem üdvözlet

Menu for groups up to 15 people

1. „Újházi” style Hen Soup
Wiener Schnitzel with french fries
Total: 2850 HUF
2. Summer Tomato soup with basil and mozzarella balls
Grilled chicken breast topped with goose liver, mushroom and cheese, served with steak potatoe
Total: 3200 HUF
3. Goulash soup with house-made noodles
Roast pork gypsy style (grilled with garlic and bacon) served with mashed potatoes with onion
Sponge cake „Somló” style
Total: 4150 HUF
4. „Újházi” style Hen Soup
Pork medallions Hungarian style, served with „lecsó” (bacon, onion, tomato, paprika) mixed with dollar chips
Total: 4100 HUF
5. For two people
Goulash soup with house-made noodles and white bread
Paprika plate (house speciality)
(Leg of Goose, Beef medallions, Pork loin with garlic, stuffed Turkey breast served rice, steak potatoes and red cabbage)
Sponge cake „Somló” style
Total: 8400 HUF
4200 HUF/Person
6. Fresh green garden salad with dressing (Balsamico-Essig)
Sirloin beefsteak „Budapest” style goose liver, peas ragu and „lecsó” (bacon, onion, tomato, paprika) served with mixed garnishes
Ice cream cup
Total: 6500 HUF